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Kids Look Book

Winter is here

It's time to get warm and cozy for winter! Let's bring out the cotton corduroys and the cool and cozy sweatshirts!

Outdoor Adventure

Be playful and cool this fall with So Dee!

Our must haves: Mikki Jacket made from cotton corduroy, Marvin Jacket for denim coolness, Ulrika Top keeps you warm and cozy, Ilona Pants for playful adventures, and David Pants to finish the look.

So Dee Must Haves

Team up the Miao Sweatshirt with the corduroy Lonnie Pants for a cozy playful fall this year

Spring Summer 2023

It’s a time for friends, fun, flowers and freshness

the gang is back

Childhood friends are the benchmark of our lives, no matter where we go, and what we do later in life.

Friends make life unique, bringing colour, happiness and fun to each and every day.

It's time for the gang of friends to get back out together after those long winter months!


Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.

G. Randolf