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About Us

Our Chinese Life

We are the VHS family, an English & Dutch expat family living in Shenzhen China.
We have 2 awesome kids that were both born and raised in China, and together we create fun family travel content and Chinese food tasting content on Youtube.

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How we ended up in China

10+ years ago we got the awesome opportunity to pack-up our lives in the UK and move to Hangzhou, China - a city we'd never even heard of to start a new job in Fashion.

our Journey

Armed with just 2 suitcases, a head full of Oriental dreams and a love of the 1980’s, we set sail to China, without knowing if we would thrive or fail. Fast forward a few years and not only are we still going strong, but we have started a family of our own and fell in love with The Middle Kingdom.

Welcome to Our Chinese Life!

The idea behind So Dee

We love style and we love the 80's, and when you combine that with a deep knowledge of garments and textiles - plus bags of creativity - you get some serioulsy awesome products that have been exclusively designed and customised by your favourite retro family!

Ursula Pelt

Ursula is a Dutch fashion designer from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Working in tandem with a great Dutch/Chinese team, she aims to bring fun and affordable fashion - made with care and creativity in China - back home to the Netherlands!


Photo Credits for 'Kids Look Book' by:

Francisco Vergara